Incentives, Taxes, and Government

Fayette County government is committed to creating an environment where businesses can prosper and is focused on providing a well-trained and workforce ready and eager to meet their varied needs.

A large area in Connersville is designated as an Urban Enterprise Zone – a distinction that offers a number of incentives for business including:

  • State tax credits for equity investments and wages paid to employees hired from the Connersville area
  • County tax deductions to offset property taxes on business investments

State and local incentives are also available to businesses that locate here through the Economic Development Group of Connersville and Fayette County.

Businesses can be confident in making an investment here. The corporate tax rate in Indiana is only 6.5% and will continue to drop each year until 2021 to just 4.6%. There is no inventory tax in Indiana either. Fayette County taxes are also competitive and have remained very stable in recent years. In addition to providing an outstanding local and regional workforce to draw upon, businesses in Fayette County will find highly qualified workers dedicated to the businesses that employ them. Union activity has always been low in Fayette County and promises to remain so now that Indiana is a right-to-work state.